333 seasons in Football Manager

Friends of Football Manager Guru welcome you with this record story about our beloved FM. In fact, we have just discovered that the longest career in history in Football Manager has lasted 333 seasons! That’s right, 333 seasons played in a single game within a single save.

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Longest Football Manager career in history

Sepp Hedel, a German boy, is the creator of this record. His career spanning 333 seasons is officially a Guinness World Record!

Sepp started his career in December 2017 when he was away on business in Africa and from there we can say he hasn’t stopped since. Sepp’s career has accumulated 1,940 hours of actual playing time on Football Manager 2017, all played without simulation and without taking a single day off during the game 🙂

The teams coached during this interminable FM 2017 career have been:

In total, the German coach managed 333 seasons, playing 15,768 games and winning 11,217 of them for an insane 71% win rate. His teams scored 42,672 goals and conceded 15,563.

The coach’s trophy cabinet also contains some extraordinary records. Among these are the following statistics:

  • 987 trophies (729 cups and 258 league titles)
  • as well as ten promotions
  • 1,028 individual awards

He was able to sign 684 players for a total of 9.41 billion pounds. He sold 491 players for a total of 8.65 billion pounds.

Regen Fernando Robles was his MVP, scoring 427 times in 587 games under Sepp’s guidance.

333 seasons in Football Manager: statements from Sepp Hedel

Reflecting on his achievements, Sepp said:

“My favourite part of the game was to develop smaller clubs, so I started with FC United of Manchester who had their first Premier League win in 2037 after six second places! That was a special moment.

After 50 years in Manchester I had won everything, so I decided to try something new and signed with Bengaluru FC of India. It was a completely different style of play. You don’t get millions because of advertising and TV rights, and you can’t sign more than four foreign players, so I developed young players to achieve my goals.

“I eventually returned to the Premier League with Hereford FC in 2277. However, I realised how insanely strong FC United had developed and it was even more difficult to beat my former club, but I finally succeeded in 2289.

Sepp Hedel al lavoro sul campo

“I think the first victory against the big clubs Manchester City and Manchester United with FC United from Manchester was very special. Of course, the first Premier League title and the first UEFA Champions League win against Atletico Madrid in 2037 was also a great achievement.

“Also, building India’s largest stadium – the 86,250-seat Hedel-Arena in 2257 – and reaching the semifinals of the AFC Champions League 2075, 2246 and 2255, were all great achievements for an Indian club.”



Sepp’s FM addiction has seen him become a Guinness World Record holder after beating the previous efforts of Michal Leniec, a 38-year-old man from Poland, who managed to win for 221 seasons and claimed the award in December 2018.

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