A 416-year career in Football Manager

Friends of Football Manager Guru welcome back with a new Guinness World Record story in FM. We have just found out that a Polish coach has played 416 years of Football Manager breaking the previous record of 333 seasons in FM that we told you about a few months ago. But let’s go find out all the details related to this record-breaking experience.

A 416-year career in Football Manager

Creator of the record is Poland’s Pawel Sicinski who recently entered the record books for making the longest Football Manager game.

The coach played for a period of 416 years and 134 days, from Jan. 4, 2018 to May 18, 2434, simulating 460 football seasons (all while taking only 260 days off)…

A kind of parallel life in FM

Pawel is a 1988 Polish coach in possession of the Uefa Grassroots C license, the one that allows you to lead youth teams, played Football Manager 2018, putting together in a single game a period of precisely 416 years and 134 days, from Jan. 4, 2018 to May 18, 2434, with only 260 days off.

The numbers to receive the certificate on the Guinness World Records Twitter profile were:

  • 460 football seasons
  • 22,300 games played
  • 58,900 goals scored
  • 2.64 on average per game
  • 1258 trophies won

Twitter - Guinness World Record

All evidenced by his Twitter profile where over time he chronicled the progress of his record-breaking career.



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