Patch 23.3 Maxi Update FM 23

Dear Football Manager Guru fans, we are writing to let you know that the game’s developers have made available a maxi update, officially released as Patch 23.3. Long awaited by fans all over the world, it is definitely the biggest update of the season, featuring post market changes and many bug fixes large and small.

The massive FM 23 update is available for:

  • (PC/Mac)
  • Consoles (Xbox and PS5),
  • FM23 Touch (Apple Arcade and Nintendo Switch™)
  • FM23 Mobile (iOS/Android)


Patch 23.3 Maxi Update FM 23

This massive update includes over 3.7 million changes to the database, including updated current skill levels for thousands of players around the world based on their actual performance over the past few months.

The changes also include the tragic events in Turkey and Syria that unfortunately had to be referred to.

In addition to the player side, there are also many gameplay changes that will take effect in ongoing careers, while to take advantage of the data updates, it will be necessary to start a new game.


Technical Specifications Update Patch 23.3

These are some of the changes introduced with update 23.3:

  • Fixes to stability and blockages
  • Reduced errors due to incorrect checks in certain areas of the pitch
  • Fixed incorrect positioning of defenders on crosses in certain situations
  • Improved reaction of defenders on long filter passes
  • Increased the speed of attackers during restarts
  • Improved the way AI coaches use different combinations of roles in midfield
  • Improved the positioning of central defenders and defensive midfielders on long passes from the back
  • Improved the behaviour of attacking midfielders when returning to defend
  • Improved defence on indirect free kicks from the edge of the area from a deflected position
  • The aerial duels won statistic now only considers contested high balls
  • Improved the logic for market policy
  • Fixed some cases where the tactics for the reserve team or the spring team appeared empty in the development centre
  • Changed the development loans for players playing in AI-controlled teams
  • Improved the match schedule, with a focus on the number of home and away matches in a row
  • Updated the rules for substitutions in various competitions


How to make updates active

Most of these updates should be downloaded automatically. If this is not the case, the procedure is as follows

  • Log out and restart Steam or Epic Games Store to download them.
  • If you play through the Microsoft Store or Game Pass, you may need to search for the update by hand.
  • To check for updates on Xbox, go to Football Manager 2023 Console, press the Menu button, select “Manage Game and Add-ons” and then “Updates”.
  • On iPhone and iPad, apps downloaded from the App Store are automatically updated by default. In case of problems, you can update the app by hand.
  • FM23 Mobile for Android should update automatically. Alternatively, you can update it by hand by accessing the Google Play Store app and tapping on the profile icon. From there, simply tap
  • ‘Manage Apps and Device’. The apps to be updated will show ‘Update available’.
  • The update for FM23 Touch (Nintendo Switch™) should install automatically if the Automatically update software option is enabled. If this is not the case, make sure your console is connected to the Internet, then, from the HOME Menu, select the FM23 Touch icon to proceed with the update.


The game’s developers have stated that further data updates will be available in the coming weeks, including changes to player ratings and transfers from subsequent market windows, including the MLS.



For any further information relating to the post: Patch 23.3 Maxi Update FM 23 please write to us either via the contact page. We are constantly on the lookout for contributors and fans of the game so we invite you to submit your own material in order to expand our community.

See you soon!

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