Football Manager 2023 on PS5 from February 2023

Dear Football Manager Guru fans, we are writing to let you know that Playstation 5 fans will also have the chance to play FM 23 as of last February. In fact FM 23 has also been released for Sony’s flagship console after a delay due to technical issues.

Football Manager 2023 on PS5 from February 2023

The team at Sports Interactive and the staff at Sony have been working hard to bring FM 23 to the Playstation 5.

Obviously, this is an uncommon time to release a game of this calibre, but after the problems in November, both sides have decided to come out to the market to the delight of football fans looking for a great football manager.

During this period, Playstation owners will receive a maxi update to catch up with other consoles or devices and enjoy FM 23 to its full potential.

Below is the link for XBOX


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