Mourinho plays Football Manager 2020

Friends of Football Manager Guru we have just discovered a great FM story. Even great coaches, or rather, even special coaches are fans of our favourite game. In fact, the news has just come out in England that Jose Mourinho is playing Football Manager 2020, complete with photographs of his personal computer.

Let’s find out all the details.


Mourinho plays Football Manager 2020

Yes, even Tottenham Hotspur’s grumpy yet successful manager Jose Mourinho is a fan of FM 20, and like many of us he enjoys trying out winning tactics and schemes in the most popular football manager game of all time.

Mourinho gioca a FM 20

As you can see from the recent images taken from the documentary:All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur”, a series of first videos that tells the story of the famous East London team, the famous Portuguese coach installed a copy of the FM 20 game on his computer.

The detail comes from the filming of one of the scenes in the series where the Setubal coach explains some of his winning tactics via his PC. And it was here that some viewers stopped the video and enlarged the image on the screen, noticing something peculiar. That familiar symbol was indeed the FM 20 logo ready to be launched 😉

Being placed on the bottom bar of your PC, you can see that:

  • Jose Mourinho does indeed play Football Manager 20.
  • He plays it regularly as the game’s launch icon is placed in a strategic location


Why Mourinho plays Football Manager ?

At this point, both myself and many other fans of our blog have wondered what the reasons might be for the Special One devoting his precious time to Football Manager.

Most likely, the former Inter and Real Madrid coach could simply use the game because of the huge database and thus exploit FM’s services to improve scouting for the London club. Anything is possible, but we would certainly like to ask him a few questions about it.

Let’s hope that at the earliest opportunity some like-minded journalist will help us out.



We hope you found this Special One trivia interesting and invite you to write to us with more Football Manager stories. We are always on the lookout for interesting news like the one about the Special One.

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