Who are the best football players of the new season?

Dear Football Manager Guru fans, he transfer market often sends Europe’s biggest clubs into a frenzy. Buying, selling, and loaning to build the best possible team. But if there’s one thing clubs don’t like, it’s losing a player for free when his market value is high. Today, we are telling you about the best football players of the new season, and we will also tell you more about CBD in football and sport, what are its benefits and how to find the best CBD deals on the market!


Who are the best football players of the new season?

Kylian Mbappé

He’s the Paris Saint-Germain leader and the boss of the French national team. The French genius had another outstanding season, scoring over 40 goals in all competitions and providing around ten assists. At 24, he is already following in the footsteps of the greatest players in history. And nothing seems likely to throw him off course.


Karim Benzema

Scorer, decisive passer, leader, captain and… two-time defending champion! Winner of the Golden Eleven awards in 2021 and 2022, the Real Madrid striker is again in contention for his succession. Despite his absence with Les Bleus in Qatar and some recent criticism in the Spanish press, the native of Lyon continues to carry his club on his shoulders, particularly during important matches. At 35, the ‘Nueve’ has already extended his contract with his beloved club until 2024.


Ronald Araujo

At a time, honouring a Barça defender was almost considered an insult. Those days are gone. And if the Blaugrana are slowly but surely on their way to a 27th La Liga title, they owe it mainly to their rearguard. Ronald Araújo, in particular. An indisputable starter and Xavi’s link man in the dressing room, the rugged Uruguayan has put the world’s best strikers to the sword. His inclusion in the shortlist for the Eleven d’Or is unquestionable.


Bukayo Saka

Bukayo Saka is a hard act to follow. Having arrived at Arsenal’s academy at 7, this pure Londoner has risen through the ranks with the Gunners to become the number one asset in the first team. Launched into the pros by Unai Emery one evening in November 2018, the left-back has taken on a new dimension since Mikel Arteta took over, making him a staple of his system. Irresistible in one-on-one situations, the No7 is as adept at the final pass as he is at finishing.


Lionel Messi

Of course, the Argentinian genius has slowed down somewhat since PSG’s elimination from the Champions League. But up until the spring, ‘La Pulga’ had delivered a veritable recital, helping his national team to a third World Cup in Qatar that was eagerly awaited by the entire Albiceleste nation—the only title missing from his impressive list of honours. Already a four-time winner of the Eleven d’Or and the record holder for the most trophies, the former Barcelona man is a logical candidate for the title this season.


CBD in sports and football

Why do professional footballers take CBD?

CBD has gained a lot of popularity. It helps people relax, find peace, heal pain and much more. There are many benefits of CBD products that do not contain psychoactive properties. This is because legalised CBD products do not contain THC.

Sports is one of the industries jumping on the CBD bandwagon. Professional footballers use CBD for their mental well-being and physical stability. In this article, we examine why football players use CBD products and their benefits. It is especially important for professional CBD football players and users to know that many CBD products are full-spectrum oils. This means that they contain other cannabinoids besides CBD and can, therefore, violate international doping guidelines. This danger can be circumvented with CBD isolates that contain cannabidiol in its pure form.


Good to know:

World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) removal of CBD from the list of banned substances has prompted many sports leagues to follow suit. This includes FIFA, the international governing body of football, which now has over 211 national associations), which made history by allowing players to use CBD at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

CBD for regeneration

An adequate regeneration phase is necessary for a hard training session on the grass to bear fruit. During this time, the stressed muscles can rebuild their energy reserves and the body repairs damage on a cellular level. CBD can support regeneration in several ways. Firstly, CBD can improve the quality of sleep, which not only promotes muscle growth but also nervous system adjustments. In addition, CBD can have a relaxing effect on the psyche. This is very much involved in a thorough recovery because, among other things, the mental state controls the release of stress hormones in the body.

CBD against pain

Football is a contact sport. And the consequences of a blood bruise are often painfully noticeable for weeks to come. Unfortunately, torn muscle fibres, bruises and strains are part of everyday life for footballers. This means that minor and significant pains are also their constant companions. CBD can alleviate such pain and reduce inflammatory processes in the affected parts of the body. Thus, the substance can increase the quality of life in everyday life and during recovery from injuries.


Last words

Since CBD’s removal from the list of banned substances by WADA, footballers have started to explore the potential advantages of CBD. This marks the commencement of a promising partnership!

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