Best Scouts in FM 20

Friends of Football Manager Guru, welcome back to the very useful FM news. Today we are going to offer you the list of the best scouts of FM 20, a very coveted selection for all those who have not yet purchased the new edition of FM.

Enjoy your reading and, above all, have a good football market thanks to the decisive work of your scouts.

List of the Best Scouts in FM 20

Below you will find the table with the complete list of the best talent scouts in FM 20. This will give you the most popular managerial figures to include in your scouting team.

The selection is offered by nationality and usually, the place of birth is also the most familiar to any football scout.

Among the main names you will find iconic figures such as Florian Maurice, Steve Rowley and many more… Here below is the complete list:

Steve Rowley60-
Rod Ruddick75Southampton
Aurelio Pereira71Sporting
Jim Lawlor54Man United
Simone De Simone40Juventus
Bojan Krkic56Barcelona
Jorge Garcia72Racing Club
Giovanni Cericola47Inter Milan
Jean-Paul Toulliou41Juventus
Geoffrey Moncada33Milan
Tony McAndrew63-
Florian Maurice45Lyon
T. Moller Nielsen57Man United
David Williams49Man United
Sixto Alfonso52Real Madrid
Stefano Cappelletti59Fiorentina
Jose Moyorga42Man United
Carlos Paniza53Mallorca
Jose Luis Calderon42Malaga
Maurizio Niccolini61Fiorentina
Nils Schmaler49Man United
Bryan King72-
Gianluca Comotto40Fiorentina
Mario Vossen43B. M'gladbacht
Simon Wells42Man United
Radu Baicu39Monaco
Riccardo Guffanti61Cagliari
Rafa Monfort56Udinese
Simone Roia47Udinese
Kieran Scott32Norwich
Hugo Magnani53San Lorenzo
Keke Duran32Huesca
Patrice Girard49Lyon
John Thorburn59Man United
Roberto Marta48Atalanta
Joao Mario Reigota39Sampdoria
Carlos Lodico65Lanus
Andrea Carnevale58Udinese
Rudi Wojtowicz63Wolfsburg
Armand Benneker50Man United
Mauro Felix35FLA
Ricardo Correia48FLU
Gilmar Francisco52CEC
J. Carlos Dehollain68Lanus
Juan M. Echeverria36Man United
Ernesto Varnier73Udinese
G. Francescon48Lyon
Ricardo Bochini65Independiente
Paul Hamilton48QPR
Valentino Angeloni52-
Michael Piwowarski70Karlsruhe
Michael Provaznik36E. Frankfurt



We hope that you will enjoy the list of the best FM 20 scouts and that it will be useful to you during your careers, and we are available for any information you may need.

You can write to us through the contact page.

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