Eriksen used to play Football Manager

Dear readers of Football Manager Guru check out what we found out this morning? Christian Eriksen used to play Football Manager and always took Roma to enjoy Francesco Totti’s plays. We couldn’t pass up this great news that will make all fans of FM, the most complete football management game ever, and Football Manager Italia readers happy.

The new Nerazzurri acquisition, interviewed by the Gazzetta dello Sport, said in his own words:

 “I was CRAZY FOR Football Manager. I always USED A.S.Roma, I liked Totti . Then when I grew up I focused only on myself, on how to become great without looking at others.

There is little else left to say but: Christian Eriksen is one of us 🙂


Who knows, maybe the 28-year-old Dane will one day tell us about his career at Roma, when he could still afford to play Football Manager and dream of following in the footsteps of his favourite players.

In that case Christian, we’re here 😉

See you next time!

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