Football Manager 2021 introduces ads against homophobia

Friends of Football Manager Guru today we are going to tell you about a nice FM-related news coming straight from England. We have just learned about the initiative whereby Football Manager 2021 introduces ads against homophobia

Football Manager 2021 introduces ads against homophobia

Advertisements for the Football v Homophobia initiative have begun appearing in the blockbuster Football Manager 2021.

The news was highlighted by the campaign’s official Twitter account last week. Miles Jacobson director of Sports Interactive said he wanted to make soccer “more inclusive,” releasing the following words:

“We at Sports Interactive are delighted to support Football v Homophobia and to use sideline advertising in Football Manager 2021 to help raise awareness of the incredibly important work of the campaign.”

“I am passionate about making soccer more inclusive and believe that soccer should be a welcoming game for everyone. I hope Football v Homophobia continues to make this a reality for more LGBT+ people, whether spectators or players, and at all levels of the game.”


This is the latest in a long line of causes that developer Sports Interactive has supported and which we have also told you about in the past.

In early 2020, Football Manager had offered free advertising slots for mental health charities after the British health organization NHS raised mental health awareness through the game in 2018.

That same year, Football Manager 2018 featured gay players for the first time.


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