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Dear Football Manager Guru fans in this post we are going to talk to you about Football Manager 2022, offering you the first rumors about the new version of our beloved manager game. Taking a cue from the analysis carried out to tell you all the technical features of Football Manager 2021, we will try to offer you the most interesting details about the new version of the best-selling football manager of all time. Enjoy your reading.

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Everything you need to know about Football Manager 2022

As one season comes to a close, another one is not too far away, and as always the opening of the soccer market makes all Football Manager lovers even more eager to get going on a new managerial adventure.

Moreover, with Euro 2020 just around the corner, it is very likely that FM 21 young talent lovers are already settled in front of the TV with pen and notebook to mark down the new names to buy.

So below we will try to answer the main questions that every fan of the game will already be asking about the new edition of Football Manager 2022.


Football Manager 2022 release date

Football Manager 2022 will be released on November 9, 2021, this is the official date released today by Sports Interactive, the software house that has been delighting us with our beloved management game for years.

As we had announced to you in this article a few months ago, the time frame indicated was correct. In fact, we had estimated that the new FM 22 could be released on the market in the time window of:

  • October 26, 2021 – November 16, 2021 (with November being the most papal month)

and that was the case. Fortunately, the new version of Football Manager 2022 did not have to suffer the Covid 19 emergency like the previous one. In fact, for those who do not know, last year, Football Manager 2021 after a delay due to Covid arrived on November 24, 2020, precisely with a slight delay compared to the previous two editions of the game.


We also believe that the classic video trailer for the game where some interesting new features are revealed will also be released soon and will be shared on Sports Interactive’s social and advertising channels no earlier than mid-October, as has been the custom in recent years. As soon as we know about it we will update this article with all the relevant details.


Where can I buy Football Manager 2022 / FM 22

You can purchase the new version of Football Manager 2022 / FM 22 by clicking the following link:BUY IT NOW


When will the Beta of FM 22 be available

The FM Beta is usually available 2 weeks before the release of the game. So we estimate that it should be officially released early November 2021.


On which platforms you will be able to play Football Manager 2022

The past edition of FM was available on several platforms including:

  • PC
  • Console (Nintendo Switch, X-Box)
  • Mobile (Ios, Android)

We believe these platforms will be confirmed for FM 22 as well.

Among the new features of Football Manager 2022 is its launch on XBox pass, Microsoft’s subscription service.

There will also be a special edition, called Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition, which will also be playable via Xbox Cloud Gaming on consoles and will fully support the Xbox controller.

What’s more, the Xbox Edition will take advantage of Xbox Play Anywhere technology and allow progress to be transferred from Xbox, or other Xbox Cloud Gaming-compatible devices, to Windows 10 easily.

Important Changes for the 2022 Edition.

Football Manager Touch 2022 will only be available on Nintendo Switch.

There will be no version of the game available on:

  • Steam
  • Epic Store
  • App Store
  • Google Play

Anyone who wants to play a simplified version of FM anywhere other than Switch will still be able to do so, but the game will not be called ‘Touch.’

For PC gamers, the Xbox edition will be available for purchase through the Microsoft Store or via Game Pass, while tablet gamers will be able to stream the game to their devices via Microsoft’s xCloud streaming service (which is available to anyone with a Game Pass Ultimate subscription).

The full range of options is laid out in the platform matrix below.

What’s new in Football Manager 2022

New features and licensing updates for FM22 on PC/Mac, will be unveiled starting in late September on our social channels. Join the FMFC team to receive preview details of features and member exclusives directly to your inbox

Finally, the first official announcements are coming regarding the new version of Football Manager 2022. In fact, a few days ago, a video was released through the Football Manager Youtube account where some of them are fully illustrated.


One of the most significant new features is the increased contact with one’s technical staff. In fact, the game will include a real recruitment phase for one’s assistants, which will allow one to make more targeted agreements with respect to the needs of one’s club.

The market and the search for new stars have also been implemented, allowing for more extensive scouting of one’s talents, and a greater relationship with the press. There will be greater availability of data to learn, study and improve the performance of one’s tactics.

See you soon for the post update with upcoming FM 22 news.


FM 22 System Requirements

It is possible to find all the necessary information by visiting the dedicated article: system requirements of Football Manager 22 but through the image below you will be able to understand whether the game will work on your pc or not.


Football Manager 22 price

Based on last year’s prices, we expect FM 21 to cost an average of 40€. Then of course we recommend that you take advantage of pre-order to save money and be able to play it sooner.

Always check our site since we will have some interesting promotions as happened with FM 21.

The final price of FM 22 using the promotion we told you about in the paragraphs above is between 35.99 and 40€.


Features of FM 22

Below we point out some of the new features of Football Manager 22 that we have gleaned from the game’s official channels as well as from gaming industry expert blogs.

As you well know, game features are equally important for an enjoyable experience and Football Manager 22 certainly does not betray those expectations.

Some of the new and most interesting features of Football Manager 22 are:

  • Strive for perfection. Strive for continuous improvement. Here, success is needed both to earn the respect of the tactical council and to meet the high expectations of your fans-develop a style of play that is guaranteed to deliver;
  • Talent needs practice. Explore the market for new players and help them realize their full potential in your club – create a unique soccer identity for the stars;
  • Licensed leagues and teams. Dive into a plethora of officially licensed leagues and demonstrate your skills in the English National League, Canadian Premier League, German Bundesliga, and many others such as Dinamo Zagreb, Leicester City, Lecce, or other teams
  • Improved Tactics. Manage your team better as you track and eventually predict player movements in the game-use this opportunity to quickly invent innovative tactics;
  • A little something for everyone. Single-player and multiplayer game modes are here to provide individual and competitive gameplay to suit the styles of all players;


Next-generation realism

Managerial success comes from more than just intuitive choices-you must rely on strategic thinking to make profitable decisions and design safe tactics to break down the opposing team’s defenses and bring victory to your club.

Football Manager 2022 features several dozen talented young Wonderkids to recruit for your dream team, along with staff who will assist you in every way possible from the sidelines. Train promising stars, ensure your club’s triumphant future, and become the best manager you can be with Football Manager 2022!



The Football Manager series is languishing behind other soccer games when it comes to licensing. We will see if there are more problems as happened with Manchester United.


Licensed leagues in FM 21

On FM21 the following leagues have been fully authorized:

  • Australian A-League
  • Canadian Premier League
  • Danish Superliga
  • English Football League (EFL)
  • English domestic league
  • French Ligue 1
  • French Ligue 2
  • German Bundesliga
  • 2. German Bundesliga
  • German 3. Liga


Manchester United will change its name to FM 22

Due to legal problems between Manchester United and Sports Interactive + Sega, in the upcoming editions of Football Manager 2022 the Red Devils will be called: Manchester UFC. This is the first official news regarding the new edition of FM 22.


Calcio femminile in Football Manager

As written in a post dedicated to news about the landing of women’s soccer in Football Manager, Sports Interactive has confirmed its willingness to implement this innovation. However, since it is a major process that takes a long time, this will not happen from the next edition of FM 22 but from subsequent ones.



For any other information related to Football Manager 2022 we advise you to stay updated. For more details please write to us either through the contact page.

We are constantly looking for contributors and fans of the game so we invite you to propose us your related material in order to expand our community.

Until next time!

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