Official Football Manager tester

How many of you would like to be paid to play Football Manager? How many of you have dreamt of it at least once? It’s all been possible for a few lucky people in the UK who have managed to land the role of official Football Manager tester and earn 10.55 Pounds an hour to play and test FM 2020 before its launch.

The skills required of the lucky tester were:

  • play,
  • report
  • test the new edition of FM

Also included in the role were: flexible hours and no special skills.


Specifications for the role of official Football Manager tester

The details of the job position “Football Manager QA tester” given by Sports Interactive were as follows:

  1. experiment with new game features,
  2. give feedback
  3. support developers with bug fixes

As a QA tester at Sports Interactive you will do more than just play the game.

You’ll be evaluating new and existing features, assessing data, providing valuable feedback on gameplay and balance, offering support to our users, and much more.



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