Benjamin Brereton in national team thanks to Football Manager

Friends of Football Manager Guru in this post we will offer you another beautiful story of FM that concerns an international player of South American origin. It is only a few days ago that Benjamin Brereton, a Chilean striker who plays for Blackburn in the Championship, managed to win the national team of his country thanks to the magnificent database of Football Manager. Let’s see more details about the story: Benjamin Brereton in the national team thanks to Football Manager.

Benjamin Brereton in national team thanks to Football Manager

Benjamin Anthony Brereton Díaz, better known as Ben Brereton, could become the new star of the Premier League. In fact, the striker born in 1999 in force at Blackburn Rovers, who were the team of the legendary Alan Shearer, is living an extraordinary moment. In this season he managed to score 10 goals in 11 Championship matches and was also decisive in the national team in the match played by the Chilean national team against Paraguay.

Brereton was born in Stoke-on-Trent, but thanks to his South American roots, he is currently with the Chilean national team, who are playing for the next Copa America qualifiers. He made his debut last June in the match against Leo Messi’s Argentina.


Brereton’s story is very special and deserves to be explained. In fact, his naturalisation to Chilean nationality and subsequent call-up to the national team came about thanks to Football Manager and its impressive database.


History of Benjamin Brereton and FM

In fact, a developer from Sports Interactive, a company that has always been responsible for the development of Football Manager worldwide, has accidentally discovered that Brereton’s mother is of Chilean origin. This news was learned after reading the “match program” of Blackburn Rovers engaged in a league match.

This detail, which might not seem very relevant to most, caused the player’s profile to be changed within FM, offering the striker the possibility of being signed to play for Chile with dual nationality. This triggered an unexpected whirlwind of popularity that led Brereton to first believe in the Chilean project and then to be called up for the senior national team.

It seems that the social media in Chile have literally gone crazy in support of Brereton in the national team!

Popular support and the federation’s decision made the dream come true with Alexis Sanchez, Vidal & company’s first official Roja call-up.

Now the Chilean national team is fortunate to have an excellent player at the height of his maturity who hopes to make the big leap to the Premier League.

What can I say….Another great Football Manager story!



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