Best Free Agents of FM 21

Friends of Football Manager Guru, welcome back with news about our favourite game. Today we are going to give you the list of the best FM 21 free agents at the start of the game in August 2020.

We will follow the same style we used to tell you who the best FM 20 players with expiring contracts, giving you a general overview of the criteria used to create the selection, a brief focus on the top 3 players and with the inevitable summary table containing the best FM 21 free agents.

Evaluation method

The evaluation method chosen to build Football Manager 2021’s best released players list was created following the following basic rules:

  • Only players without a team and without a contract at the start date of the game
  • Players with a current skill index (CA) between 120 and 150.


Free Agents of FM 21

Mario Mandzukic

Mario Mandžukić is a Croatian footballer, born in Slavonski Brod on 21 May 1986. A striker, he is currently unemployed after his last spell at Al-Duhail, a Qatari club based in Doha where the Croatian star arrived after many years of victories with Juventus. Things didn’t go as planned in Arabia, and after just six months Mandžukić decided to break his contract and become a free agent. Don’t let him slip through your fingers!


Ezequiel Garay

An experienced Argentine defender, Garay is currently untied after his last spell in the Spanish La Liga with Valencia, where he played from 2016 to 2020. A guarantee to take home especially if you start the season with a small-medium club with a good financial capacity to pay his wages.


Kwadwo Asamoah

In third place is Kwadwo Asamoah, former teammate of Mario Mandžukić in Allegri’s Juventus. Asamoah is a Ghanaian footballer, a defender or midfielder who is currently unemployed. With Juventus he won 6 consecutive league titles, 4 Italian Cups and 3 Italian Super Cups, while with the Ghanaian national team he took part in 2 World Championships and 5 African Cups. A lot of experience at the service of the team.


FM 21’s top free agents list

Below you will find the table with the complete list of the best 82 FM 21 free agents selected according to their current ability index, i.e. CA = Current Ability.


Mario MandzukicAM (L), ST3415016661100
Ezequiel GarayD (C)3314416061100
Kwadwo AsamoahD (L), WB (L), M (LC)3113615948100
Víctor SánchezD (R), DM, M (C)3313514865100
Alexandre PatoAM (L), ST3013416261100
Ivan StrinicD (L), WB (L), M (L)3313414448100
Antonio ValenciaD (R), WB (R)3513415864100
Jack WilshereAM (C), M (C)2813315760100
Pablo De BlasisAM (LR), M (RL)3213113162100
Fabio BoriniAM (LRC), ST2913114564100
Mario BalotelliST3013018055100
Fredy GuarínDM, M (C)3413015761100
Danijel SubasicGK3513015164100
Blerim DzemailiAM (C), M (C)3413014946100
Daniel SturridgeST3013016846100
Ahmed MusaAM (LR), ST2713014067100
Daryl JanmaatD (R), WB (R)311291473570
SamuAM (LRC), M (R)3012813647100
Julian KorbD (R), WB (R)2812813263100
JucileiDM, M (C)3212814750100
Jefferson FarfánAM (R), ST3512816363100
Miiko AlbornozD (L), WB (L)2912713563100
Fernando UribeST3212713462100
Marco RubenST3312714263100
Matthias OstrzolekD (L), WB (L)3012713467100
Wilfried BonyST3112615059100
Raúl AlbentosaD (C)3112613950100
HamzaDM, M (C)2512613262100
Javi LópezD (R), WB (R), M (R)3412514147100
Dani PachecoAM (LC), ST291251313570
Yohan CabayeM (C)3412515866100
Sebastian LangkampD (C)3212512750100
Anel HadzicDM, M (C)3112514659100
Daniel TorresDM, M (C)3012514547100
Bakary SakoAM (LR)3212513045100
André PintoD (C)3012513563100
Dani GiménezGK3712513063100
Heurelho GomesGK3912514164100
Jozo SimunovicD (C)2612513847100
Ørjan NylandGK2912513065100
IvánD (R), WB (R)2612413663100
Gaël ClichyD (L), WB (L)3512415565100
CaiubyAM (L), M (L), ST3212413146100
Rene KrhinDM, M (C)3012413665100
Samir NasriAM (LRC), M (RL)3312416458100
Francisco MolineroD (RC)3512413350100
Javi MoyanoD (R), WB (R)3412413048100
Lamine SanéD (C)3312313446100
MandiDM, M (C)3112313047100
Renato SantosAM (R), M (R)2812312962100
RaffaelAM (C), ST3512314847100
TitoD (R), WB (R)3512313851100
Diogo VianaD (R), WB (R), AM (R), M (R)3012213561100
Franck TabanouD (L), M (L)3112213645100
Víctor VázquezAM (C), M (C)3312213060100
Mapou Yanga-MbiwaD (C)3112212863100
Ibrahim AfellayAM (LRC), M (RLC)3412215042100
Danilo SilvaD (RC), WB (R)3312114563100
Léo LacroixD (C)2812112762100
Aarón ÑíguezAM (LC), M (L)3112113057100
Pape SouaréD (L), WB (L)3012114263100
Benjamin CorgnetAM (C), M (C)3312113564100
Michael RensingGK3612113866100
Warner HahnGK2812112861100
Rob ElliotGK3412113059100
Danny WilliamsDM, M (C)3112113548100
Raúl RodríguezD (C)3212113149100
Jonatan SorianoST3412014348100
Mariano BarbosaGK3612013646100
Nasser El KhayatiAM (LRC), M (C), ST3112012762100
José CañasDM, M (C)3312013764100
Ricardo LabordeAM (LR)3212012546100
William VainqueurDM, M (C)3112013063100
Remi WalterDM, M (C)2512013163100
Wellington NemAM (LRC)2812013062100
AlexisD (C)3512014545100
Wilfrid KaptoumM (C)2412013561100
Víctor ÁlvarezD (L)2712012761100
Alen HalilovicAM (RC), M (RC)2412013646100
Stéphane SessegnonAM (RC), M (RC)3612015065100
José Manuel JuradoAM (LC), M (C)3412014758100
BaianoD (R), WB (R)3312012062100



We hope that you will enjoy the list of the best FM 21 players available at the beginning of the season and that it will be useful for you during your career.

You can write to us through the contact page 

Until next time!

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