Best FM 21 players with expiring contracts

Friends of Football Manager Guru, welcome back to the useful FM 2021 player lists. Today we are going to give you a list of the best FM 21 players with expiring contracts within 6 months of the start of the game evaluated by their current skill index, CA.

We will follow the same style used to tell you about the best expiring players for FM 20, giving you a general overview of the criteria used, a brief focus on the top players and the inevitable summary table.

Enjoy reading and, above all, have a good football market.

Evaluation method

The evaluation method chosen to build Football Manager 2021’s best released players list was created following the following basic rules:

  1. Only players whose contract expires within 6 months after August 2020
  2. Players with a current skill index (CA) of at least 135


Top 3 FM 21 players with expiring contracts


Givanildo Vieira de Souza, better known as Hulk, is a Brazilian footballer, currently playing for Shanghai SIPG.

He can play on the wing or as a central striker and we are sure you will remember him from Porto, his European launching pad.

His nickname is due to his resemblance to American actor Lou Ferrigno, who played the character of the Hulk in the 1970s television series of the same name.


Alex Texiera

Alex Teixeira Santos is a Brazilian footballer, midfielder or striker for Jiangsu Suning.

Still young and physically fit, the Brazilian talent, born in 1990, could be a good choice for a potential capital gain


Yeferson Julio Soteldo Martínez

Yeferson Julio Soteldo Martínez is a Venezuelan footballer, midfielder for Santos and the Venezuelan national team. His name is not too well known in European football, but according to the Football Manager database he is a good player with good statistics.

Very young because he was born in 1997, he could prove to be a big hit. His goals and plays don’t lie.


List of the best FM 21 players with expiring contracts

Below you will find the table with the complete list of the best expiring players of FM 21, i.e. a long list of zero-parameters that you could really use.

The players have been classified according to their current ability index, which is indicated as CA = Current Ability.

The reference date is always the start date of the game, i.e. August 2020.

Here below the complete list:

HulkAM (R)Shanghai SIPG341491619398
Alex TeixeiraAM (LC), STJiangsu301451609398
Yeferson SoteldoAM (L)Santos231401469199
Gustavo GómezD (C)Palmeiras271381419398
Jefferson DuqueSTAtlético Nacional331381409399
Jonathan dos SantosDM, M (C)LA Galaxy301381488897
Sebastián BlancoAM (LRC), M (R)Portland321371449298
Diego AlvesGKFlamengo351371618898
Alan KardecSTChongqing311371439298
David AbrahamD (C)Frankfurt3413613653100
Graziano PellèSTShandong351351409298
Mauricio PereyraAM (C), M (C)Orlando City301351359298
Javier AquinoAM (L), M (L)Tigres301351429397
JuanfranD (R), WB (R)São Paulo351341539199
Luis QuiñonesAM (L)Tigres291331388899
Odil AhmedovDM, M (C)Tianjin321331359296
Felipe GutiérrezDM, AM (C), M (C)Sporting Kansas City291331419498
Luis Alfonso RodríguezD (R), WB (R)Tigres291331368999
Jonathan MaidanaD (C)Toluca351311429075
Diego ValeriAM (C), M (RLC)Portland341311399399
Wilder GuisaoAM (LR)Jaguares F.C.291311359399
Andre BlakeGKPhiladelphia291311319199
Mauro BoselliSTCorinthians351301429379
Alejandro Romero GamarraAM (LC)New York251301449399
Diego TardelliSTAtlético Mineiro (MG)351301529375
Adrián RamosAM (L), STAmérica de Cali341291469399
Luciano AuedDM, M (C)Universidad Católica331291369599
MatheusAM (LR)Shijiazhuang371291439598
Keisuke HondaAM (RC)Botafogo341291509299
Sebastian LarssonM (RC)AIK351281349398
Brad GuzanGKAtlanta United351281469299
Felipe AguilarD (C)Atlético Paranaense271281409399
DiegoAM (C), M (C)Flamengo351281609498
Diego SouzaAM (C), STGrêmio351271469299
Philip ZinckernagelAM (LRC)Bodø-Glimt251271309298
Andrés D'AlessandroAM (LRC), M (C)Internacional391271609098
Felix BastiansD (LC), WB (L)Tianjin321271279298
Pablo PiattiAM (LC), M (L)Toronto FC311261559598
Emiliano InsúaD (L), WB (L)LA Galaxy311261379199
Joevin JonesD (L), WB (L), AM (L), M (L)Seattle291261309299
BojanAM (C)Montreal Impact291261469198
Christian BassogogAM (LR), STHenan241261409398
Paul AguilarD (R), WB (R)América341261379299
Eloy RoomGKColumbus311261328999
Valeri QazaishviliAM (LRC), STSan Jose271251349298
Martin OlssonD (LC), WB (L)Helsingborgs IF321251309599
Diego CavalieriGKBotafogo371251549299
Lucho GonzálezM (C)Atlético Paranaense391251569299
VictorGKAtlético Mineiro (MG)371251559399
Omar GonzálezD (C)Toronto FC311251399399
Alejandro ChumaceroM (R)Puebla291251458998
Pedro SantosAM (LR)Columbus321251409299
Joao RojasAM (R)São Paulo311241409398
Julián VelázquezD (RC)Querétaro291241289099
Siem de JongAM (C), M (C), STCincinnati311241428998
Jonathan UrretaviscayaAM (LR)Peñarol301241359185
Nathaniel ClyneD (R), WB (R)Crystal Palace2912415052100
Fredy MonteroSTVancouver331241379299
Abat AimbetovAM (R), STQairat251231269098
Fernando KarangaSTHenan291231329398
Gonzalo CastroAM (LC), STNacional351231398799
Oscar UstariGKPachuca341231409197
Björn Bergmann SigurðarsonSTLillestrøm291231329199
Adrian MariappaD (RC)Bristol City3312213554100
Ola KamaraAM (LR), STD.C. United301221309199
EliasM (C)Bahia351221499199
Juan Manuel InsaurraldeD (C)Colo Colo351221399299
Nebojša KosovićAM (C), M (C)Qairat251211239098
Luis MejíaGKNacional291211259299
Alejandro BedoyaM (RC)Philadelphia331211259699
Alejandro GuerraAM (RC), M (C)Palmeiras351211409199
Emanuel CecchiniDM, M (C)Unión (SF)231211309397
Dusko TosicD (LC)Guangzhou R&F351211359398



We hope that you enjoy the list of the best expiring players of FM 21 and that it will be useful to you during your careers, and we are available for any information you may need.

You can write to us through the contact page.

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