Football Manager New in celebratory version

Friends of Football Manager Guru did you know that Mr. Kevin Toms was the creator of Football Manager? Did you know that he released the first version of the game back in the very distant 1982, which is a good 40 years ago? Now he has decided to revive his project with the release of Football Manager New. If this story intrigues you, we suggest you continue reading.

Football Manager New in celebratory version

Kevin Toms, the first creator of Football Manager has decided to launch a fundraising campaign on the Kickstarter platform in order to bring the updated version of Football New Manager to life. The game will be available for iOS and Android and will celebrate 40 years of Football Manager in a completely innovative way.

The first version of Football Manager launched by Mr. Toms came out back in 1982 and was initially available for

  • ZX Spectruman
  • Atari ST
  • Commodore 64
  • MS-DOS

The fundraising project aims to reach 3500 euros to enable Kevin Toms to develop and publish Football New Manager. The project will be closed on January 26 and currently has already exceeded the required quota.

In fact, €4038 was raised with 102 supporters a full 11 days before the deadline.

Various rewards are planned for those who choose to fund the game, depending on the amount they choose to invest. Some of the planned rewards are:

  • signed posters
  • the ability to include your name as the name of a footballer who will appear in in-game market windows
  • a tour with Kevin Toms to discover the places that saw the birth of the first Football Manager back in 1982.



For any other information regarding the upcoming release of Football Manager New in celebratory version we remain available. For any information you can write us through the contact page.

Until next time and happy FM!

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