Football Manager 21 numbers in September

Friends of Football Manager Guru here are the highlights of FM 21 as of September. In this official tweet released by the Football Manager channel we can find out all the statistics of the manager game for the 2021 edition. Enjoy reading.

Football Manager 21 numbers in September

The following are the main statistics listed:

  1. Total number of players = 1,150,333
  2. Nations = 190+
  3. Matches played = 446M
  4. Goals scored =1,019B
  5. Seasons completed = 8,036,062
  6. Total waivers = 379,365
  7. Most used tactic = Gegenpress
  8. Most used module = 4-2-3-1

What can I say: record numbers

Numeri di Football Manager 21 a Settembre



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