Coronavirus controversy over FM 21

Friends of Football Manager Guru, welcome to the first news about the latest edition of our beloved game. In this post we will illustrate the controversy coronavirus for FM 21, or the first discussion between the manufacturer Sports Interactive and a part of fans definitely very avid.

Coronavirus controversy over FM 21

The coronavirus controversy for FM 21 concerns the fact that in this edition of the game the developers have not taken into account the real effects of the virus on players and teams in FM 21. This has triggered strong reactions from FM “purists” who wanted to have an even more realistic version of the management simulator we all love.

Representatives from Sports Interactive explain why they chose not to integrate the Coronavirus pandemic as an in-game factor in Football Manager 2021.

Here are the words of Miles Jacobson, number 1 of Sports Interactive:

“Obviously, in FM20 we couldn’t stop people from modifying our game to include some sort of simulation of the effects of COVID-19, but we really didn’t like what they did to our title, not least because, based on what I’ve seen on social media, a lot of people have been downloading and using that sort of mod. You see, as simulative as it can be, Football Manager is meant to be an escape from reality, and having your team decimated by a disease has the opposite effect.”.

Does FM 21 offer a real experience or not?

Our answer to this question is absolutely yes! In fact, although FM 21 does not integrate the pandemic factor with injuries and players recovering every other week, it does reflect the effects of COVID-19 on the international football movement and proposes clubs through issues of the type:

  1. economic and financial
  2. reduced liquidity
  3. different football market windows to those of previous years
  4. modified fixture lists

In Football Manager 2021, virtual footballers can’t contract the virus, which we see as a positive factor for a number of reasons. We like the fact that we can play FM without being affected by a serious real-life issue that has plagued us for some time. We like the fact that we can play a career based solely on our skills without any additional injuries to those already provided for in the game.

We can finally tell you that from the years following this unfortunate 2020/21, the calendars, the football market brackets and the finances of the individual clubs will reset to ‘pre-pandemic’ values, to everyone’s delight.



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