Sports agents try to bribe Football Manager

Friends of Football Manager Guru, welcome back with news about our favourite video game. Today we’re talking about this news: Sports agents try to bribe Football Manager, which was recently found online and which has immediately interested us.

This seemingly bizarre news has instead been revealed by the top management of Sports Interactive, the company that has always developed the game Football Manager, which in the very first editions was called “Championship Manager”.

Sports agents try to bribe Football Manager

Miles Jacobson, director of Sports Interactive and the team that has always developed our beloved management game, said that before the launch of each new edition, the company has received strange proposals from prosecutors in the world of football.

In fact, during an interview with the sports website The Athletic, he revealed that over the years he has received several attempts to bribe some football players’ agents in the game. All in order to receive better ratings and statistics within the FM database.

As all fans of the game will know, the database and the way in which data is collected has always been one of the game’s strong points, given that thousands of willing fans dedicate themselves to compiling it every year.

Their work in scouting and evaluating the qualities of the players present in FM is one of the main features that have made the game so real and exciting. This work is done so well that, as we wrote in a previous post, even the sporting directors of top European clubs have started playing FM in an attempt to find new young talent.



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