Football Manager 2021 young right-backs

Friends of Football Manager Guru, here is the list of the best young right-backs in Football Manager 2021. We start our new articles on the new edition of Football Manager with our selections by role. In case you missed the post dedicated to the best young left-backs of FM 21, we strongly recommend you to click the link and study the dedicated table.

Just like the list of young right-backs in FM 20, we are going to review the best talents in FM based on the statistical values and potential indices in the new edition’s database. It’s up to you to choose the strongest right-back for your beloved club…

Evaluation Method

The evaluation method chosen to build the list of the best young talents in Football Manager 2021 was created following 2 basic rules:

  • Only players with a maximum age of 20 years at the start of the season, i.e. July 2020, are considered.
  • Only players with a potential skill index greater than or equal to 150 (>=150 PA) are considered.


List of young left-backs in Football Manager 2021

Find out who the best young right-backs are in Football Manager 2021, listed according to potential and future.

The first name in this selection is Maximilian James Aarons, known as Max, an English footballer with Norwich City.


In second place we have another talent made in England, namely: James Reece. The latter is probably better known than Max, as he plays for Frankie Lampard’s Chelsea. He has already played several Premier League matches and we will surely hear about him for a long time.


Finally, in third place we have the Portuguese Tomas Esteves, a great talent of Sérgio Conceição’s Porto, an acquaintance of Italian football as a player and now coach of one of Portugal’s most prestigious clubs.

Tomas Esteves - terzino destro di FM 21


Here below you can find the table with all the best Football Manager 2021 young right-backs.

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Hoping that the list of the best young right-backs in Football Manager 2021 will be of use to you during your FM careers, we remain at your disposal for any information.

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