Football Manager will be translated into Welsh by players

Friends of Football Manager Guru in this post we will tell you about yet another love offering from FM fans and enthusiasts. In fact, we have found out that Football Manager will be translated into Welsh by Welsh nationality players.

As you well know FM is the classic game that allows soccer fans to lead the smallest of clubs to European glory! Hardcore fans can spend hours and hours (if not days) in front of the PC waiting to lift a trophy with their favorite team.

Football Manager will be translated into Welsh by players

In Wales, they have gone further since in addition to playing FM 22 with great heart and passion, they have decided to translate it into their original language to make it as real and nationalistic as possible.

The goal is to build a club toward total domination just as Bill Shankly and Johan Cruyff did at Liverpool or Barcelona.

And the game, which has a database of clubs and players from around the world, already includes a record 14-time Welsh champions, as well as clubs as diverse as Flint Town United and Trefelin BGC along with equally obscure clubs from around the world and global giants like São Paulo or Real Madrid.

“You act like the manager of a soccer team, setting tactics, managing player morale, signing players, and much, much more,” said 24-year-old Osian Eryl, who has been playing since he was 11 years old and has translated the program into Welsh with the version to be made available this weekend.



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