Nainggolan against Juventus quoting Football Manager

Friends of Football Manager Guru, welcome back with the latest news about our favourite game. Today we are talking about this news: Nainggolan against Juventus quoting Football Manager. In the past we have talked about players or club managers like Jose Mourinho, who enjoy playing Football Manager to try out tactics or scout players. And today it is the turn of Belgian midfielder Radja Nainggolan.

As always, the controversial Belgian star is back in the news after his recent shirt change. Returning to Cagliari for the 3rd time in his career, Radja Nainggolan once again throws a dig at Juventus as he answers journalists’ questions during his presentation to Eusebio Di Francesco’s Cagliari.

Here are his words about not moving to Juventus during his career:

“Absolute nonsense. I chose not to go with whoever was winning, Juventus was the strongest team for a decade and I don’t enjoy winning with the strongest. I enjoy challenging the strongest. Think I’m so convinced of that choice that even when I play Football Manager I never take the big boys. I know they might say that Juventus didn’t want me, but just ask their managers, their sporting directors…”.

Other important points emerge from the interview. We were struck by the one about Roma’s young talent Zaniolo, who is currently injured but very active on social media 🙂 Here is what Radja Nainggolan has to say about Roma’s young attacking midfielder.

“I see myself in Zaniolo because I too am attacked, trolled on social networks. It’s easy to be put in the middle. The only way is to ignore it, to not give a damn. I’m not a life coach who gives advice. But the only way he can respond is on the pitch. For the rest, he has to be strong and move forward. To those who attack him, he will answer with the first games he plays.”.



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