Differences between versions of Football Manager

Friends of Football Manager Guru, through this article we will try to analyze and understand the differences between the Football Manager versions. In this short tutorial we are going to explain to you how many versions of FM there are on the market and which devices are playable.

Differences between versions of Football Manager

As you know Football Manager fans, our beloved game is published in various versions available on multiple devices.

The desktop version, better known as the classic version, and the full version. This is available for:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Google Stadia

A faster and more powerful version, namely the one for Football Manager Touch that we mentioned in a previous post, is made for:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Nintendo Switch™

Finally, we have Football Manager Mobile, the version of the game that you can always take with you as it is made for Android and iOS smartphones.


What are the basic differences between the types of FM?

Obviously there are a number of fundamental differences between the desktop, Touch and Mobile versions of Football Manager.

The classic PC version is the most comprehensive and data-rich version, while the Touch and Mobile versions are simplified versions designed for those who don’t have as much time on their hands but still want to enjoy the technical aspects of the game.

Specifically, the key differences relate to the following aspects:


The classic FM version is the most powerful. In FM Touch, however, there is the possibility of viewing the game in 3D with the option of switching to 2D in the case of devices that are not very powerful or recent. FM Mobile only has a 2D view.



One of the highlights of Fm has always been the tactics. The classic version is the one that does this aspect of the game best, offering many different options. Simply select one of the various preset playing styles such as ‘Gegenpress’, ‘Tiki-Taka’ or ‘Long Throw’ to build your favourite tactics.

As FM Touch focuses on the more important management elements, there is more emphasis on tactical presets, which you can adjust.

In FM Mobile, the menu returns you to the basic tactics with fewer options than in other versions.



Obviously, the most complete and high-performance version of the famous FM database can be found in the classic version. In FM Touch the database is reduced to 25,000 items. This means that it is easier to search and find the young talents you have always wanted.

FM Mobile has a version of the database that is much smaller than the previous 2, but still interesting.



In the classic version you have plenty of options when it comes to train your players. It is possible to set a calendar at the beginning of the season, and different types of training according to the matches. In FM Touch you have a simplified version of the main game’s training portal where you can manage everything.

In FM Mobile, on the other hand, training focuses much more on the development of individual players, perfecting their positions and improving individual attributes through mentoring, a new feature of the game this year.



For any further information or more details on this article dedicated to discovering the differences between the Football Manager versions, all you have to do is comment on the article.

We are constantly on the lookout for contributors and fans of the game, so we invite you to submit your winning tactics or other game-related material that may be useful in expanding our community.

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