Football Manager 2020 Update

Dear Football Manager Guru fans, here is some very important news for you. A few days ago a new update for Football Manager 2020 was released with version 20.2.4. So if you want to keep your FM 2020 up to date, we recommend downloading the files via your Steam account.

It is important to note that this update is for the winter transfer market, which means that all of the teams’ rosters in the database have been updated.

By downloading version 20.2.4 of Football Manager, you will get a number of technical improvements to the game that will make the experience more realistic for the many passionate users.

Technical details of the FM 20.2.4 update

Patch 20.2.4 includes improvements to the Match Engine and specifically the following technical details have been improved:

  1. Improved finishing in one-on-ones with the goalkeeper
  2. Changes to the percentage of goals from clear goal opportunities
  3. Changes to the percentage of goals from penalty kicks
  4. Reduced frequency of players passing the ball and losing possession of it
  5. Improved realism in tackle recoveries
  6. More variation on crosses
  7. Improved long ball defence
  8. Reduced inaccuracy in headers
  9. Improvements / changes to referee behaviour
  10. Adjustments in lineout positioning
  11. Various other changes / balancing improvements

As mentioned above, all you have to do is log into your Steam account, visit the purchased games section and click on FM 2020.

Download the patch, wait for the installation to complete and the simulation of the new FM 2020 game will be much improved and will no longer present you with any problems.


Football Manager 2020 Update

f you have any further questions regarding the new Football Manager 2020 update, please write to us or use the contact page.

We are constantly looking for contributors and fans of the game so we invite you to submit your own material in order to expand our community.

Until next time!

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