3-5-2 Gasperini Atalanta

Friends of Football Manager Guru, here is a new winning tactic for FM. Today we are going to talk about the 3-5-2 tactic Gasperini Atalanta, the team of miracles that thanks to its proactive and offensive football has enchanted Italy and aroused great curiosity in Europe.

You can download the tactic and read its detailed description in the following lines. Enjoy your reading.

Recommended tactics for offensive football

The tactic used by Gasperini at Atalanta is suitable for all those who like offensive and well-organised football. Although scoring goals is the main focus of this Football Manager tactic, it does not neglect the defensive side at all.

As you know, Gasperson, in all his experiences, has always paid attention to detail and placed great value on game organization.

Playing a lot on the outside, it starts as a 3-5-2 in attack and turns into a 5-3-2 when it is necessary to defend. The wing players are very important and their characteristics make the difference in the long run.

3-5-2 Gasperini all'Atalanta - Tattica per FM 20

The key roles to make the best use of this tactic are:

  • Goalkeeper – can be a standard, doesn’t need anything more than good stopping, command and good mental, won’t get many 1 on 1s so…
  • Defenders – all 3 should be tall (at least 188, 190 recommended), all good in the head and with good anticipation. The one in the middle should be very fast for possible defensive recoveries. Good passing characteristics are required.
  • Defensive/offensive wings – They are the key point of the tactics. Hard work and characteristics of endurance and sacrifice are fundamental. Technically gifted but physically and mentally they must be at their best.
  • Midfielders – are basically 2 box-to-box Aron Ramsey-esque midfielders from Arsenal’s good days. However, they need to have attributes and defensive characteristics to contain the opponent’s attacks.
  • Playmaker – Must have excellent dribbling, vision, quality passing, lots of agility.
  • Attacking – Left-sided striker must be deadly in front of goal, right-sided striker slightly more technical, but great speed is required for both. (at least 14 or 15)


Download the tactic 3-5-2 Gasperini Atalanta

You can download Gasperini’s 3-5-2 tactic for Atalanta by clicking on the following link. The references and information were retrieved from FM Scout, Europe’s leading Football Manager portal.





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