Offensive Trainers for FM 20

Dear Football Manager Guru readers, today we offer you the selection of the best FM 20 attack trainers that could be essential for your Football Manager careers.

We will follow the same style as the FM 20 defence trainers listed in a previous post.

Offensive Trainers for FM 20

Below you will find the table with the complete list of the best attacking trainers and coaches for FM 20. It features great former players such as Duncan Ferguson, a Scottish talent with a somewhat turbulent past.

The selection is offered by nationality and team. Here is the complete list of attack coaches for FM 20:

Duncan Ferguson47EvertonAttacking - Technical
Pedro Sallaberry50San LorenzoAttacking - Tactical
Paulo Riela36FiorentinaAttacking - Technical
Joao Tralhao38Attacking - Technical
Maurizio Trombetta56Attacking - Technical
Tony Whelan66Man UnitedAttacking - Technical
Norberto Batista57Attacking - Tactical
Neil Wood36Man UnitedAttacking - Tac/Tec
Fabio Micarelli54Attacking - Tac/Tec
Tommy Martin55Man UnitedAttacking - Technical
Colin Little46Man UnitedAttacking - Technical
Mark Sale47Attacking - Technical
Keith Bertschin62Attacking - Technical
Gabriel Medina48LanusAttacking - Technical
Emilio De Leo41BolognaAttacking - Tactical
Egidio Acuna59TalleresAttacking - Technical
David Lee51BoltonAttacking - Technical
Martin Hunter58Attacking - Tac/Tec
Nicolas Jover35Attacking - Technical
David Lowe53BlackburnAttacking - Tac/Tec
Stefano Melandri55Attacking - Technical
Mark Robson50Attacking - Technical



Hoping you enjoyed the selection, we invite you to follow the blog and don’t miss the player lists.

Until next time!

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